Just like humans, dogs need blood too.

You may be unaware that your dog can help another dog when they are in need. Dogs can donate blood to local vets and animal hospitals just like humans can!





Just like us, dogs often require life saving blood transfusions if they are injured. However, often veterinary clinics and animal hospitals have only a small amount of donor blood or none on hand, meaning vets cannot administer live saving treatment for people’s pets. If you’re interested in having your dog donate blood here are some facts you should know.

Recommendations for dogs donating blood (some animals hospitals vary from one another)

  •             They should be over 25 kilograms
  •             Aged between 2 and 8 years old
  •             Have up to date vaccinations
  •             Be friendly, calm and happy dogs

If you think your dog fits this description they could donate blood and save the lives of other dogs!


There is a big need for canine blood donations around Australia. If you want your dog to save the lives of other dogs they can donate their blood in a simple transaction.

What does a blood donation involve for my dog?

  • A physical examination and a blood sample to check the dog is healthy
  • Very similar to a human donating blood
  • The jugular vein on the neck of the dog is used to collect the blood
  • A small patch of hair is shaved and cleaned before the donation is given
  • It requires only 15 minutes of yours and your dogs time
  • Dogs can donate blood every four weeks

Many animal hospitals and clinics offer rewards for dogs that do donate blood, like free food, injections, check ups etc. Enquire with your local hospital to see what benefits they can offer you and your dog.


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