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Our dog photo comp!

14 Oct

The winner of our photo competition is Kristina W… her photo of her dog gathered the most likes! What an adorable dog.

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Why do dogs need blood transfusions?

11 Oct

Just like humans, dogs require blood transfusions when they are sick or injured.

So… what are some of the reasons dogs require blood?

–       Hemorrhaging

–       Chronic anemia

–       Blood disorders

–       Poisoning requiring blood flushing (snake bites, eating poison)

–       Accidents which result in blood loss

–       Blood clotting

–       Septic shock

–       Kidney or liver failure

–       Low protein levels

Molly (left) saved Mo’s life after he ate rat poison by donating blood for a blood transfusion.

The story of Mo & Molly is here


Many retired greyhounds donate blood

8 Oct

Greyhounds have become some of the best blood donors, saving many of their furry friends lives.

The fact they have a universal blood type, which means their blood can help any breed of dog, a beautiful and calm nature and a long neck. These features make them perfect blood donors.

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This greyhound Big Hurley saved the life of this little puppy buddy after a blood transfusion

Dogs saving the lives of their fellow canines

7 Oct

Check out this great story on Mitzy who ate rat poisoning and required a blood transfusion to save her life and the great dogs that saved her life at the Animal Adelaide Hospital.

Reasons for a blood transfusion…

5 Oct

Just like humans, dogs are involved in accidents or have diseases and health problems that require blood transfusions.

Here is a great story of how a blood transfusion saved one of the NSW police squad dogs –