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Reasons for a blood transfusion…

5 Oct

Just like humans, dogs are involved in accidents or have diseases and health problems that require blood transfusions.

Here is a great story of how a blood transfusion saved one of the NSW police squad dogs – http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/231749/Dog_Squad_become_blood_donors.pdf


Where can dogs donate blood in Australia

3 Oct

Most veterinary clinics also have blood donations facilities. Contact your local vet for more informationor you can visit these specialised blood donation hospitals.


–       SASH vets, North Ryde, Sydney – http://www.sashvets.com/services/bloodbank.shtml


–       The University of Melbourne Canine Blood Bank – http://vh.unimelb.edu.au/group.php?groupID=574


–       Adelaide Animal Hospital (Four locations – Trinity Gardens, Burnside, Prospect & Cumberland Park) – http://adelaidevet.com.au/blood-donor-program


–       Darwin Mobile Vet service, Wulagi – http://localvet.com.au/darwinmobilevetservice/BloodDonorProgram.aspx

–       Darwin Veterinary Center, Biggin Hill – http://www.darwinvets.com/dogs/blood-donors-wanted

Please comment below if you have any other suggestions of where dogs can donate blood in Australia.

What is required if my dog gives blood

1 Oct

There is a big need for canine blood donations around Australia. If you want your dog to save the lives of other dogs they can donate their blood in a simple transaction.

What does a blood donation involve for my dog?

–      A physical examination and a blood sample to check the dog is healthy

–      Very similar to a human donating blood

–      The jugular vein on the neck of the dog is used to collect the blood

–      A small patch of hair is shaved and cleaned before the donation is given

–      It requires only 15 minutes of yours and your dogs time

–      Dogs can donate blood every four weeks

Many animal hospitals and clinics offer rewards for dogs that do donate blood, like free food, injections, check ups etc. Enquire with your local hospital to see what benefits they can offer you and your dog.